Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Viper 5902 Remote Button Lock Setting

I've ran into a couple posts online about accidentally locking/unlocking and remote starting your vehicle that is equipped with a Viper 5902. The Viper 5902 remote does have a button lock option in the settings. It's a very easy process to turn the button lock on, I'll walk you threw the steps in this car audio tip.

 On the right side of the remote there is a toggle/function switch. Press it in and hold it down until the setting menu is displayed. 

The very first feature should be the button lock setting, select that by pressing the same toggle/function button in.  

Now toggle the arrow to the ON position and press select. You should then be able to back out of the settings menus, by selecting BACK. If you don't back out of the setting menu, it should just time out in 10-20 seconds if no buttons are pressed. 

Now when you hit a button this screen should display and ask you to perform the button sequence to unlock the Viper 5902 remote.
Hope this helps!
Jeremy - Car Audio Tips

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