Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Audi Headrest Removal

On some of the new Audi vehicles you will notice there are no side release buttons to adjust and remove the headrests. This car audio tip will show you where to press to release the pins holding the headrests in place. This should be helpful if your installing new DVD headrests, or maybe just replacing a damage factory OEM headrest.

The new 2014 Audi Q5

The location is the same on both front seats, you will want to press and apply pressure to the left/top side of the seat, lined up with the left headrest post you should feel the button. Once pressed it will release the retention clips and allow you to remove the headrest.

This is a picture of what the retention clips/pins look like.

Jeremy - CarAudioTips.com

Viper 5902 Remote Button Lock Setting

I've ran into a couple posts online about accidentally locking/unlocking and remote starting your vehicle that is equipped with a Viper 5902. The Viper 5902 remote does have a button lock option in the settings. It's a very easy process to turn the button lock on, I'll walk you threw the steps in this car audio tip.

 On the right side of the remote there is a toggle/function switch. Press it in and hold it down until the setting menu is displayed. 

The very first feature should be the button lock setting, select that by pressing the same toggle/function button in.  

Now toggle the arrow to the ON position and press select. You should then be able to back out of the settings menus, by selecting BACK. If you don't back out of the setting menu, it should just time out in 10-20 seconds if no buttons are pressed. 

Now when you hit a button this screen should display and ask you to perform the button sequence to unlock the Viper 5902 remote.
Hope this helps!
Jeremy - Car Audio Tips

Chrysler Dodge Jeep Cigarette Outlets Constant Or Switched Power

So I just wanted to post this quick car audio tip about, Chrysler, Dodge and Jeeps vehicles. Some of you may or may not already know, most the new Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler vehicles have a selectable cigarette power outlet. What this means is you can select whether you want your power outlets to be constantly on, or if you want them to switch on/off with the vehicles ignition.

Chrysler Dodge Jeep Cigarette Lighter Constant Or Switched

Chrysler Dodge Jeep Fuse Diagram
If you look next to the battery in the trunk on the passenger side, you will notice a fuse box. If you take a look at the Fuse diagram, which should be located on the inside of the fuse panel cover, you will see FUSE 12. Fuse 12 is the cigarette outlet 20a fuse. This fuse can be moved to select either the constant or switched outlets.

Chrysler Dodge Jeep Cigarette Lighter Constant Or Switched

Chrysler Dodge Jeep Cigarette Lighter Constant Or Switched
This can be very useful when integrating aftermarket equipment, when tapping into the factory power outlets. Hope this helps!
Jeremy - Car Audio Tips 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fix Toyota Tacoma Overhead Temperature & Compass Display

If you have a Toyota Tacoma with an overhead compass and temperature display that is not working, it is most likely do to a bad soldering joint on one, or possibly both of the 510 resistors on the main circuit board. It is a relatively easy fix if you are comfortable with a soldering iron and have about 10-20 minutes.  

Fix Toyota Tacoma Overhead Temperature & Compas Display
This is what the compass and temperature gauge should look like when fixed. To remove the overhead panel, drop the sunglass holder and remove the screw on the top of the panel. The front should only be held up by clips.   

Toyota Tacoma Overhead Temperature & Compass Display Does Not Work
Once the overhead panel has been removed and disconnected, remove the three screws holding the display on to the overhead panel. The tinted black cover can then be removed by releasing the clips holding it into place. You should then see the main circuit board. 

Toyota Tacoma Temperature & Compass Display
If you look closely you should be able to see the two 510 resistors.

Toyota Tacoma Temperature & Compass Display Repair
If you take a very small pic tool or needle, and apply a little pressure to the edges of the resistors you should notice they will start to lift off the circuit board. So what you want to do is re-solder these contact points. You will need to use a very small soldering tip and be careful not to use an excessive amount of solder. I've found that silver bearing "lead free" solder is a bit trickier to work with, so if you have any lead based solder laying around you may want to use it for this repair. If you have no way of getting your hands on a soldering iron and solder, you could try using a circuit writer pen.

Hope this helps!
Jeremy @ Car Audio Tips