Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2000-2006 Chevy Tahoe Factory Sub Upgrade, JBL 8 inch.

If your looking to upgrade the factory subwoofer in a 2000-2006 Chevy Tahoe (GMT800) this post maybe helpful. Getting to the factory sub is fairly easy and goes as followed...

The sub is located behind the rear panel on the driver side of the vehicle. 

 First remove the bottom trim, it is held in place with just clips.

Then remove the upper trim, also held in place with just clips.

 After that, remove the plastic push in retainer/clip.

 Then unscrew (counterclockwise) the plastic knob located right above the plastic push in clip.

 You are now almost to the sub. The panel secured to the driver side rear pillar must be removed, once again this panel is held in place with just clips.

 You should now be able to unclip the lower panel and access the factory subwoofer. 

The factory sub is 8 inches wide, with a depth of about 3 inches. It is a 2 ohm sub.  

The factory enclosure should support a sub with a depth of about 4 inches, anything over that will be cutting it close depending on the design of the sub. I am not sure what factory enclosures internal volume is unfortunately, but I couldn't imagine it being more than .5 cubic feet . The wires ran inside the sub can be found coming out on the top left corner of the enclosure. I powered this sub with a small aftermarket mono block amp with an output of (200W RMS @ 4 Ohms)    

This JBL fits perfect and actually sounds really good for just a single 8 inch sub, I was impressed! 

You will need some different screws to mount this sub.

-Jeremy's Car Audio Tips
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  1. I have a 2002 Yukon non-bose system. Do I just unplug the factory sub amp and install the JBL with the new amp?

  2. Hey buddy you helped me out big time!! Perfect illustration ( I wish everyone did that lol) ... I gotta question tho.. I got the same truck 2001 chevy Tahoe and just put a new pioneer radio in... New pioneer speakers in the 4 doors.. ( I just did it easy and used the same wires that were in there and connected them to the new wires that came with my new speakers.... Same with the sub.. I got a new 8 inch sub ( which is what you helped me out with big time lol).... But I feel like I'm not getting as much bass as I thought I would.. Now, I do not have a amp hooked up.. I'm assuming it's just hooked up to the factory one, but it's behind the glove box... You said you put a new amp in yours but where did you put it at? ( I'm not that good with speaker stuff but I did all this by myself so I'm proud! Lol ) do you have anymore good illustrations like that? Or tips? I'm gonna get the same exact amp you said you got but I don't know if need to tak out the old amp or unhook it or what...I'm new at this so bare with me lol... Anyways if I don't hear from ya thanks for the help ya did already tho for real!!!!!!

    1. Hey Ryan, I installed the amp under the driver side rear seat if I remember correctly. Do you know the specifications of the new sub you installed? If you're running it off the factory amp which I think you are, you'll want to go with a 2 ohm single voice coil sub. Are you sure the sub is actually being powered up?

  3. does anyone know why the factory sub does work when you install a new head unit? ive installed a kenwood and pioneer with no luck of the sub powering up. Is there a special wire / connection that is built in the factory head unit that powers it?

  4. Just replaced my sub this afternoon in a 2001 Tahoe. Your instructions were perfect. Thank you so very much!


  5. Does anyone know if it would be possible to somehow fabricate the stock speaker enclosure to fit a 10in sub?