Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Audi Headrest Removal

On some of the new Audi vehicles you will notice there are no side release buttons to adjust and remove the headrests. This car audio tip will show you where to press to release the pins holding the headrests in place. This should be helpful if your installing new DVD headrests, or maybe just replacing a damage factory OEM headrest.

The new 2014 Audi Q5

The location is the same on both front seats, you will want to press and apply pressure to the left/top side of the seat, lined up with the left headrest post you should feel the button. Once pressed it will release the retention clips and allow you to remove the headrest.

This is a picture of what the retention clips/pins look like.

Jeremy - CarAudioTips.com

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  1. Audi's are my favorite type of car. I love the way they look. This seems like a complicated way to remove the headrest. I wonder why they would design it this way. http://www.sunvalleystereo.com