Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hummer H2 Stereo Removal-Remote Start

If you're installing a new stereo or a remote start in a H2 Hummer, there is quite a bit of disassembly required. I actually did a remote start in this Hummer, but the process of disassembly is the same to get the stereo out.  


 You will first need to put the vehicle into 1st gear and remove the T15 (torx) from the shifter. Allowing you to lift up and remove the shifter out of the way.

With your panel removal tool release the clips on the cut holder/shifter panel. There should be three clips holding the panel on. You may have to apply quite a bit of force to get those clips to come free. 

 Under the cup holders you will need to remove the 10mm bolt.

Under the edge at the front of the center console there will be two 7mm screws, that need to be removed. 

 Open the center consol and take out the four Phillips screws holding the main liner of the center consol compartment in place. Then take out the plastic center consol liner.

 Under that liner will be four 10mm bolts that need to be removed.

You should now be able to pull the center consol back.

 Remove the two Allen bolts from the top of the main dash panel.

 You should now be able to free the main dash panel, allowing you axess to the stereo.

If you need to get to the main ignition wires for an alarm or remote start system, keep reading.
Remove the 7mm screw holding the edge of the plastic panel/knee bolster.

 There will be one Allen bolt on the right side of the steering wheel securing the gauge cluster shroud,  that needs to be removed.

Followed by two more on the panel to the left of the steering wheel, once the Allen bolts are removed you should be able to pull and remove this panel. There will be several clips on the top edge.

Then pull out and remove the gauge cluster shroud.

There should be another 7mm screw that needs to be removed, on the bottom edge of the plastic panel under the steering wheel.

You should then be able to release the two clips on the top edge of that panel, and gain access to all your main ignition wires.

This is what was left in this Hummer after the first attempted remote start installation, by another local shop. Lol, I won't say any names. 
Hope this help!

-Jeremy's Car Audio Tips.

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  1. Thank you so much for this. EXTREMELY helpful and one of the only picture guides online that I could find. Thanks thanks thanks!