Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2013 Toyota Corolla Trunk Pop Wiring (Non-SmartKey)

If you're going to be installing an aftermarket keyless entry/alarm system in one of these vehicles and want to tie in the power trunk pop you will need a SPDT relay.

2013 Toyota Corolla Aftermarket Alarm Trunk Pop

2013 Toyota Corolla Trunk Pop Wire
First locate the Pink trunk pop wire in the driver kick, it should be in a gray 22 pin harness (pin 20) and should meter 12v when the trunk pop button is pressed on the factory keyless remote. 

2013 Toyota Corolla Trunk Pop Wire Relay Wiring
You will need to cut the Pink trunk pop wire. Side A. of the pink wire should still meter 12v when the trunk pop button is pressed, and side B. shouldn't meter any voltage. 
Wire a SPDT relay as follows-

86- Constant 12v
85- Negative trigger from alarm/keyless system
30- Side B.
87a- Side A.
87- Constant 12v

Jeremy Car Audio Tips 2013 Toyota Corolla Trunk Pop
This will allow the factory trunk pop to operate as designed, until the aftermarket system triggers the relay. Then it will send 12v just to the motor side of the Pink truck pop wire. If you don't cut the pink wire, and just put a 12v trigger to it you will create a short circuit because that wire rests at ground.  Hope this helps!
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  1. hey jeremy thax for the info i have a question what about the door trigger wires do i have to find all 4 door wires an hook it up to the door trigger wire in the alarm iam not sure about that can you please help?

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  2. hi, i checked my car but there is no Pink wire. will you please contact me at bobyq8@gmail.com. i need your help.