Monday, January 7, 2013

Retaining "Trip" Button when replacing Stereo In Nissan Maxima.

If you're going to be replacing the car stereo in a 2000-2003 Nissian Maxima, you may or may not mind losing your steering wheel controls that control your factory stereos volume, seek, and mode. To retain the steering wheel controls with the new aftermarket stereo you will need to purchase a steering wheel control integration module (SWC). They normally run about $60-$110. Regardless you will want to follow the next step to maintain full functionality of the "Trip" button.   

  It is actually a very easy fix. All you have to do is ground the Brown/White wire in pin 11

and you will retain the "Trip" button, allowing you to cycle through the trip info. If you do not ground this wire you will lose functionality of the "Trip" button.  

-Jeremy's Car Audio Tips
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