Wednesday, January 16, 2013

99-04 Toyota Avalon Factory Sub Replacement.

If you are looking to replace the factory 8 inch sub in a 1999-2004 (second generation) Toyota Avalon, the "Kicker Comp 4ohm  Sub" is a good fit.

The sub cover/grill can be popped of very easily, it is held on with just clips in the front two corners.
 This is the factory subwoofer, it's a 3.7ohm 26w sub.
-Factory sub part# 86160-AC180-

 As you can see it fit almost perfect in the factory opening.

 You will need to use different mounting screws to hold the new aftermarket sub in place.
If the sub just needs a new foam surround, you can always just use a speaker repair kit!
Hope this helps!

-Jeremy's Car Audio Tips
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  1. How did you connect the sub? I have the same car and my sub is going bad, actually it's already bad.

    The current sub was connected via a plug/harness.

  2. How did you connect the new sub with the old wiring harness? What screws did you use?