Tuesday, January 15, 2013

02-Up Ford Expedition Tip For Retaining Overhead DVD Player When Installing Aftermarket Stereo.

If you are going to be installing an aftermarket stereo in a 2002-Up Ford Expedition you may want to check to see if the vehicle is equipped with a factory overhead DVD player. If it is, you may want to purchase a "factory overhead retention harness". If you don't, and  just leave this secondary harness as is the factory overhead will not work.

Depending on factory stereo system in the vehicle, will depend on the harness you will need. For most 2002-2004 Expeditions the Metra 70-5520AV will work, for  most 2004-2006 Expeditions non-navigation the FRD03-DVD will work, if the Expedition is equipped with a "Can-Bus" system you will need the FRD04-DVD. If you want the overhead audio to play threw the new stereo system, I would recommend getting a aftermarket stereo with rear audio inputs. Otherwise you will have to adapt the RCA's to a 3.5 Aux and connect it to the face of the stereo, assuming your new stereo has at least a audio Aux input on the face. Well, hopefully this helps!

-Jeremy's Car Audio Tips
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