Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tesla Roadster 2.0 Flip Out In-Dash & Rear View Camera Install.

This is one of the installations I did on a Tesla Roadster 2.0 I went with a motorized Kenwood In-Dash that had navigation/bluetooth and I added a IPod cable and rear view camera. Everything came out perfect! If you have seen the JVC this vehicle comes with, then you could imagine how happy the owner was after we installed this new system for him.   

Kenwood indash stereo plus rear view camera Tesla Roadster 2.0 sport

Before I could mount the rear view camera, I had to drop the rear panel under the back of the vehicle. It is fairly easy to do, because it is just a piece of plastic

This is a picture of what the factory JVC looked like

Once the JVC was removed I then wired the new Kenwood harness into the vehicle

Jeremy Tesla Roadster 2.0 Indash Rear View Camera Installatin
To mount the rear view camera, I first cut two identical pieces of black ABS plastic into rectangles about 3in wide and 4in tall. Then I used a hole saw that was the same diameter as the flush mount rear view camera, and cut a hole through both pieces in the same spot. After that I took both pieces of ABS and mocked them up in the center, right below where the license plate mounts with one piece of ABS on each side of the plastic mesh. I was able to wedge the pieces of ABS down into the same grove the plastic mesh sits in across the bottom piece of the bumper. Once positioned to my liking, I cut the plastic mesh in the center holes of the ABS. With that removed I could now slide my rear view camera in through the two pieces of ABC with the plastic mesh sandwiched between holding everything into place. To make it a little more secure, I riveted the two pieces of ABS together right above the rear view camera, and used a plastic screw cover to make it look finished.  

Jeremy Tesla indash rear view camera custom
I hid all the navigation and bluetooth hardware behind this pocket on the driver side, up to the right, there was plenty of room

Jeremy Travis Vasquez
 If you can notice the windshield wiper lever had to be modified in order to allow the in-dash to open and close properly without having to turn on the windshield wipers. 

Jeremy Kenwood Indash rear view camera Tesla roadster 2.0
This is what the factory windshield wiper lever looks like before any modifications

Custom install kenwood Indash rear view camera Tesla Roadster 2.0 Jeremy Travis Vasquez
First I cut about an Inch off and took the two main pieces apart. I then used a piece of black ABS plastic and cut and filed it so it fit perfectly

Jeremy Tesla Roadster 2.0 Indash rear view camera install
Then I glued all the pieces together

Jeremy Vasquez Car Stereo Upgrade Tesla Roadster 2.0
Once the glue had cured fully, I lightly sanded the hole lever

Jeremy Travis Car Stereo Upgrade Tesla Roadster 2.0
 After I polished it with a dremel it was all finished and looked great!

  Unfortunately you will lose the white markings on the windshield wiper lever, but personally I think it looks better without them :-) anyway that's it...Let me know if anyone has any questions! 

-Jeremy's Car Audio Tips

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