Wednesday, November 14, 2012

SImple Speaker Repair Solution For Toyota/Lexus Premium Car Audio Systems.

Does your speaker(s) in your Toyota/Lexus make an annoying rattling noise when the base is turned up, so you have to turn the base all the way down to avoid the unwanted noise. Or maybe a friend or customer has this problem? In most cases you can just replace the damaged speaker(s) with aftermarket speakers for relatively cheap. But sometimes it is not that easy because your vehicle has a "Premium" sound system like JBL or Harmen Kardon. These systems are designed differently from the basic systems. Most the time the speakers in these factory "Premium" car audio sound systems are uncommon sizes designed to reproduce certain frequencies and may also be wired in different configurations to achieve various loads being presented to the factory "Premium" amplifier(s). With all that being said, replacing these speakers will normally cost you an arm and sometimes both  legs, if not done correctly lol. So if the speaker is still moving, remove the speaker from the vehicle and check to see if the "surround" ring is ripped or torn, nine times out of ten it is. After you have identified the problem, get yourself a repair kit. They normally go for around $20-$40 and come with the two new "surround" rings and a small tube of glue. Now just follow the simple instruction and voila, problem solved. If you got any questions let me know, I normally charge about $80 to do this repair once you get the repair kit. So if your not conformable doing this yourself, contact your local car stereo shop, they should be able to handle this minor repair :)

This is a common problem with the Toyotas/Lexus speakers 

 Remove old "surround" ring

 Check out for repair kits

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