Thursday, November 22, 2012

Portable Satellite Radio Installations, Mounting Locations?

If you or maybe your friend/customer are looking to add satellite radio to your vehicle, then a portable unit may be the best option. On most of the early 2000's vehicles, satellite radio was not a common feature to have on your OEM stereo. And if you did have the capability to add the feature, most the time the hardware is no long available, or if it is, it is extremely expensive. whatever the case. Installing a portable satellite radio unit may be the simplest inexpensive way to to enjoy Sirius or Xm while you're on the go. Some of you may also be a little confused and say Sirius? XM? didn't they merge into one company? Well yeah, in some aspects but it's kinda complicated right now. In order to activate a XM portable unit on a XM account, you will need a unit with a (Alfa-Numeric ID) and in order to activate a Sirius portable unit on a Siriur account the unit must have a all (Numeric Serial Number). What makes it even more confusing is that most the portable satellite radio units will be labeled "SiriusXM" these units are actually made for the XM side and have "Alfa-Numeric" IDs...Anyway, check out some of the installs I did. 


 I like to take advantage of unused ashtrays and or small closing pockets when it comes to the placements.

Sometime to get the pocket or ashtray out, it requires quite a bit of disassembly. 

 Once I have the ashtray or pocket removed from the vehicle, most of the time I use ABS plastic to fabricate a mount to secure it in place.

 You always want to check and ensure clearance of the wires on the back of the unit, and always rout the wires away from moving parts.

This unit fit perfectly!

With the ashtray open you can see and operate the unit. 

With it closed you can't see any aftermarket components everything is hidden, but you can now enjoy your satellite radio!  


 Same thing as the Jaguar, I first removed the ashtray

 Then I made a mounting braket out of ABS plastic.

Before I mounted it I checked for clearance.
Once mounted, it was ready to be connected!

It turned out really nice!

Can't even tell it's there.

This satellite radio was installed into smaller pocket above an ashtray

This was another Mercedes, the satellite radio unit was installed in a small pocket right below the ashtray.

The bottom of the pocket could actually be remove, making the mounting fairly easy.

Once again always make sure you have proper clearance for the wires
that will need to be connected.

 This one came out really nice! And was probably the easiest one to install.

Always keep in mind these units are ment to be portable, so if mounted into small pockets or ashtrays you may not be able to remove them as easily, or you may not be able to move them at all. But that is just something you wanna go over before the install :) anyway that's it, till next time...

-Jeremy's Car Audio Tips
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