Monday, November 19, 2012

How To Remove/Replace A Vehicle's Window Handle/Crank

If you are replacing your door speakers and or need to remove the window handles for whatever reason, here are a couple pictures and tips. It is very easy to do if you have the proper tool. If you don't have a window handle removal tool then you will need a thin pick tool or small flat head screwdriver.

As you can see the clip is very close to the handle, making it difficult to get to with a pick or screwdriver. If you don't have the handle removal tool, use a plastic panel removal tool or something that will not damage the door panel. Wedge it between the window handle and the small plastic ring that is normally between the handle and the door panel. This should give you just enough room to get a small pick or flat head screw driver in there to remove the clip, holding the handle in place.

If you have the window handle removal tool simply slide it between the handle and the small plastic ring that is between the handle and the door panel. Sometimes there will not be a plastic ring and in that case just slide it between the handle and the door panel itself. Be careful, sometimes this ring will shoot off and is very hard to find. If you don't have a replacement you won't be able to clip your handle back on unless you get another one. To avoid losing it you can put your hand or tape over the opposite side of the handle removal tool. If you do lose one, you can normally find a replacement at any car audio shop or auto parts store  
Replacement window clips 

 And that's is pretty much it!

When putting the handle back on don't forget to put the plastic ring back in place if there is one

When reinstalling the handle push the clip back into place

 and push the handle back on, you should hear it clip back into place

You can give it a little pull just to make sure it's clipped back on securely, and that's it. Here is a link if you wanna purchase the handle removal tool, it will make it a lot easier and it should only run you about  five bucks. Vehicle Manual Window Removal Tool
If you got any questions let me know ;)

-Jeremy's Car Audio Tips

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